Tuesday, August 26, 2008

College Football Pick'Em Contest

I'm going to be running a college football pick'em contest this year.

If you are interested, post a comment to this thread WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and I'll send you over the info on how to sign up.

Here's how it will work:

- Pick 5 teams (1 from Pool A, 1 from Pool B, 1 from Pool C, 1 from Pool D, 1 from Pool E)
- You earn points each time your team wins a game.

Here's the point structure:
1 pt for non-conference win
2 pts for conference win
3 pts for conference championship
5 points for bowl game win
8 points for BCS bowl game win
10 points for BCS National Championship

- Points will be tallied up at weekly and sent out via email.

Tiebreak Procedures:
1. Your team wins national championship
2. # of BCS bowl teams on your roster
3. # of BCS bowl game wins
4. # of bowl game wins
5. # of conference championships
6. # of wins from Pool E team

E-mail me your picks by this Friday at 5PM CST. If you can't have them to me by that time, let me know and I can give you an extension until Saturday morning. Feel free to pass this along to others that you think might be interested.

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