Friday, December 28, 2007

Bowl picks for this weekend

Since I don't know if I'll be by my computer this are picks on the games that I'll be watching:

Texas Bowl (Houston, TX) TCU vs Houston - I'm not a TCU fan...though their offense started showing signs of life late in the year. However, the highly touted defense has been less than spectacular and Tommy Blake has dropped from 1st Round to a late 2nd day draft pick after reportedly going off the deep end mentally. I'm biased towards Houston because Abilene product Case Keenum is their starting QB. That said...Art Briles is gone and that places some big ? marks on offense. Houston's defense still can't stop anyobdy. I don't know if they'll win...but they'll cover 6.5 points. If anything, I would take the over in this game as 57.5 is a ridiculously low number.

TCU 38
Houston 34

Meineke Car Care Bowl (Charlotte, NC) Connecticut vs Wake Forest - This is essentially a home game for the Demon Deacons (80 miles). The Deacs are coached by one of the most respected yet underrated coaches in the country in Jim Grobe. He does more with less talent than any coach this side of Hawaii, and he's doing it in the ACC. Other than their stumble against Clemson, their other 3 losses were by a combined 14 points to @ BC, Nebraska, and @ Virginia. Riley Skinner is and 2nd year starter (lead the Deacs to the ACC title as a frosh) and could turn into the ACC's next Matt Ryan over the next 2 years. UConn beat a bunch of terrible teams (Duke, Maine, Temple, Akron, Syracuse, and Pitt) and were fortunate to get the bounces/calls against South Florida and Louisville. Cincy and WVU cleaned them out late in the season. Yes...I'm a homer in this game...but I just don't think UConn has what it takes. Take Wake FoFo (-1.5) and the under of 47.5

Wake Forest 23
UConn 20

Alamo Bowl (San Antonio, TX) Penn State vs Texas A&M - The Aggies were terrible under Fran in bowl games...when they made it to one. They're also 1-6 in their last 7 bowl appearances, including a 24-0 loss to Penn State in their last Alamo Bowl appearance. However, their offense looked very good against Texas and rumor has it that Fran wasn't the one calling the plays but rather OC Les Koennig was. Look for the Aggies to continue to open up the field by allowing McGee to throw the ball some. Even though I'm down on the Big 10 as a conference, I'll take the Nittany Lions to win but not cover as this game barely goes over 52 points.

Penn State 31
Texas A&M 27

Independence Bowl (Shereveport, LA) Alabama vs Colorado - This game means a lot to Alabama and Nick Saban. A loss and the Tide faithful will be up in arms over a losing season. A win and a good recruiting year (current class ranked #2 in the nation) will buy Saban some time in 2008. Colorado is a nice team and Dan Hawkins is making some dents in recruiting CA and TX. This game doesn't mean near as much to them. Long and short...CU would like to win but Bama is DESPERATE for a win. Bama (-3.5) wins but can't quite cover in this shootout.

Alabama 34
Colorado 31

I'll be back with more next week. Time to track down the story behind the Julio Jones committing to Texas Tech rumor that has been circulating the internet all day. While that would be nice...I have a feeling we won't know anything until he visits Tech just before signing day.

Masked Rider to Ride in the Gator Bowl

The Florida Times-Union is reporting that the Masked Rider will lead the Texas Tech football team onto the field at the Gator Bowl.

"There is the strongest emotional attachment to the Masked Rider among Tech fans," said Steve Uryasz, a senior associate athletic director at Tech and executive director of the Red Raider Club. "It's more than just a mascot people see at the games. The Masked Rider is as much a part of the team as a player. When he rides onto the field [before the Gator Bowl] people will feel the electricity."

Evidently the Gator Bowl banned the use of live mascots after Auburn's War Eagle attacked a Texas player in the 1974 Gator Bowl. However, they realized the importance of the Masked Rider and his link to the Gator Bowl and are allowing him to ride.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

America loves Crabs

Last night I received the latest voting results on AT&T's Player of the Year:

Michael Crabtree - 46%
Darren McFadden - 31%
Tim Tebow - 20%
Chris Long - 3%

Glad to see that people have come to their senses and realized that MC should be mentioned with the top players in the country. Stupid Heisman voters.

As far as a Virginia preview...I don't think I can do any better than what Seth at DTN is doing on a daily basis. His position breakdowns are very in depth and he's now posted a Q&A with a UVA blog. My only question...what is with the Hoos nickname for UVA???

For those who didn't care, you missed a great game between Purdue and Central Michigan last night in the Motor City Bowl. The Boilermakers had a huge lead (21 points???) in the 3rd quarter before the Chippewas (sp) came storming back to tie the game with just over a minute left. However, Purdue was able to move into FG range and make a 40 yd FG as time expired to win 48-45.

In related news, the Purdue kicker went as far as predicting Texas to win tonight's Holiday Bowl vs Arizona State.

While I'm not sure that he's dead on with his pick...Mack usually does a good job of getting his guys ready to play in bowl games (6-3 under Brown and 5-1 in their last 6 bowls) so the Horns are the logical pick here...and Vegas now has them at a 2.5 point favorite. I'm not sure where I would play this line. That being said...I would be smart and take the over on 62 points.

Texas 41
Arizona State 38

Oh well...back to trying to figure out why I'm at work this late in the year.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alive and Engaged...let's talk recruiting

Sorry for the "dead blog" for almost two weeks now...sometimes life can get in the way. Anyways...since I've last posted I did have one exciting bit of semi-Texas Tech related news to throw out there...I'm engaged!!!

She's finishing up law school at TT in May before returning to Dallas. No worries...I made sure to set a wedding date 2 1/2 weeks after the Red Raiders win the 2009 B(C)S National Championship!!! January 2009 can't get here fast enough.

Ok...putting away my homer hat for a second. Let's talk recruiting. Yesterday was JUCO signing day and Tech signed 3 players to the defensive side of the ball.

McKinner Dixon - Originally signed with Texas Tech out of high school. Played often and sometimes started as a true freshman. He finished the 2005 season with 29 tackles (6 for a loss), 2 sacks and 1 forced fumble. Academic problems forced him to transfer to Cisco JC but he'll be back and ready to make an impact again in 2008. He was the #15 JUCO prospect according to

Jarell Routt - He originally signed with Tech in 2006 but has spent the past 18 months at a JUCO in Kansas. At 6ft and with reported 4.4 speed, he should help the secondary for the next two years.

Brandon Sesay - Another highly regarded JUCO prospect at DE. The #11 JUCO player according to, Sesay, had offers from Cal, Florida, Michigan, Tenn, and Oregon but committed to Tech early and stuck by his committment. At 6'6" and 270lbs, he will be in contention to start opposite Brandon Williams in the fall. He signed with Georgia out of HS.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Crabtree quotes

A few noteable quotes from MC during an ESPN chat yesterday:

Joey (Jacksonville, FL): What WR in the NFL do you think symbolizes
you the most?

Michael Crabtree: I think I'm like a mix of receivers. A little Chad Johnson, a little TO, a little Randy Moss.

Ahh yes...MC confirms my TO comparison from this post during the Mizzou game:
5:48 – Crabtree with a drop on a wide open pass over the
middle. I had this thought after the Okie Lite game…but does MC not have the best hands in the game? His abilities are starting to remind me of Terrell Owens. Once you get the ball in his hands…he’s as deadly as anybody in the country because of his strength and athleticism.

See I'm not just an idiot blogger. Every once in a while...something I say has a little bit of merit. Hopefully we won't see the "antics" of the aforementioned players develop in MC while he's at Texas Tech.
Cody (Schenectady, NY): It's amazing what you've done as a Freshman.
Do you plan on playing four years of college football?

Michael Crabtree: Yeah, I plan
on it.

The only word coming to mind right now is LIAR. Oh well...I'll get my hopes up for now! I decided to lump these 3 quotes together:

Frank (Kansas): What did you do to celebrate after beating OU?
Michael Crabtree: Nothing. We went the
next day and practiced.

Brett (Lubbock TX): What is your response to the "system receiver"
Michael Crabtree: I don't think
it's a system. It's more hard work.

Lee (Houston, TX): What do you think you can do to duplicate your
numbers next season (or do even better)?
Michael Crabtree: Have a good summer. Come back next year and
harder than I played this year.

Reading these 3 quotes made me feel really good about next season. All indications are that MC isn't going to get caught up in the hype and slack off next year. Leach pointed this out earlier this season when he said that Michael learned his lesson about what happens when you don't work hard (see Mizzou and Colorado losses) and that won't be happening again.