Thursday, October 30, 2008

Texas Tech vs Texas - Simulation

The weather is perfect, the boys are in black, and it's the game we've all been waiting for!!!

#1 Texas vs #6 Texas Tech

Kirk Herbstreit comments that a game like this will come down to whomever steps up and makes big plays and tonight Micheal Crabtree will be that guy.

The Longhorns win the coin toss and will have the ball first to start the game...

- Quan Cosby takes the opening kick out to the Texas 48 yd line but Vondrell McGee is called for clipping and the Horns will start the drive at their own 21.
- The Longhorns get a first down on the drive but Colt McCoy is stopped a yard shy of another one by McKinner Dixon and the Horns are forced to punt. Texas Tech takes over at their own 36 after a 10 yd return from Eric Morris.

- The results are much different for the Red Raiders as they get a first down but a drive is cut down as Brian Orakpo gets to Graham Harrell on 3rd down to force a punt.
- On 4th down, Jonathan LaCour shanks a punt off his foot and the Longhorns take over at midfield.

- With nobody open, Colt McCoy tries to force a deep ball into Shipley but Darcel McBath steps in the way of the pass for an interception at the 8 and returns it out to the TT 27 yd line.

Texas Tech 0
Texas 0
7:24 1st Quarter

- 3 and out for the Red Raiders. Both teams are playing good defense early on as neither QB is having much time to go through his progression.

- McKinner Dixon with back to back tackles of McGee and Whitaker in the backfield to make it 3rd and 15. However, on 3rd down he hits McCoy late and gives the Horns a 1st down when they would've had to punt.
- 3 straight passes to Shipley...3 straight first downs and a trip to the redzone.
- Tech's defense comes up big though and forces the Horns to try a field goal.

Texas Tech 0
Texas 0

- On the first play of the 2nd quarter, the Longhorns attempt a 35 yd FG from the right hash but Lawrence bounces the kick off the left upright but it just falls over the crossbar.

Texas Tech 0
Texas 3
14:54 2nd Quarter

- Under tremendous pressure on 2nd and long at their own 44, Graham Harrell rolls out to pass...

and finds Michael Crabtree down inside the 5 yard line to set the Red Raiders up with a 1st and goal at the 2.

- Harrell to Crabtree...touchdown Red Raiders!!!

Texas Tech 7
Texas 3
11:44 2nd Quarter

- dink and dunk and dink and dunk and INTERCEPTION Jamar Wall!!! 54 yards...Touchdown Red Raiders!

Texas Tech 14
Texas 3
8:38 2nd Quarter

- Another Longhorn drive that games 30 or so yards...another Red Raider INT. This time it's L.A. Reed going up and making the pick at the Texas Tech 37 yd line.

- Harrell and company waste no time in moving down the field and in 3 plays they're down inside the Texas 30 yd line.

- 4 Baron Batch carries...29 Baron Batch yards...1 Texas Tech touchdown!

Texas Tech 21
Texas 3
1:07 2nd Quarter

- At the end of the 1st half the Longhorns try a 57 yd FG but it's wide right.

Texas Tech 21
Texas 3

Noteable Stats
- Graham Harrell is 10 of 15 for 114 yds and 1 TD
- Michael Crabtree has 3 receptions for 53 yds and 1 TD
- Baron Batch has 7 carries for 37 yds and 1 TD
- Brandon Sesay has 2 tackles, 1 QB sack, 2 tackle for loss, and 1 INT
- Darcel McBath has 6 tackles, 1 INT, and 2 pass deflections
- The Swarm has 6 tackles for loss, 3 INT's, and 1 TD.
- Colt McCoy is 11 of 17 for 95 yds and 3 INT's

---3rd Quarter---

- On 3rd and 10, Baron Batch takes a screen pass at his own 22 and runs all the way down to the Texas 16 yard line.
- First and goal at the 1 yd line, Tech fakes the inside run and Harrell rolls out to pass. He's got Lyle Leong open but Gideon steps in front of the pass and takes it back to the UT 7 yd line.

Texas Tech 21
Texas 3
11:42 3rd Quarter

- McCoy gets the Longhorns out to the 35 yd line but the drive stalls and they have to punt.

- Harrell and Batch lead the team down to the Texas 30 but a costly interception at the 10 yd line on a ball intended for Crabtree ends the drive. Same score...3:49 left in 3rd quarter.

- This is just a weird play...Colt tries to running, there is holding on the play, then Colt tries to throw...and Jamar Wall takes it back 30 yds for a TD.

Texas Tech 28
Texas 3
2:21 3rd Quarter

- Texas goes 3 and out and Tech gets the ball back before the end of the 3rd quarter.

- In 5 plays, the Air Raid gets down to the 22 yd line at the end of the 3rd.

---4th Quarter---

- The Red Raiders line up for a 39 yd FG attempt to start the 4th quarter. Unfortunately, Donnie Carona misses wide right and the Longhorns take over.
- Texas goes 3 and out and gives the ball back to Tech with about 11 minutes left. However, Tech goes 3 and out as well and then LaCour shanks another punt (for some reason I can't punt all of a sudden) and the Horns have the ball at the TT 30 with about 10:24 left on the clock.

- After a sack of McCoy on 1st down, Colt finds Ogbonnaya in the flats, he breaks a tackle and goes 33 yards for the Texas touchdown.

Texas Tech 28
Texas 10
9:52 4th Quarter

- Wow...a surprise onside kick and the Horns get it back at midfield!!!

- 12 yd run for McGee and then an 18 yd pass has them down to the 20 yd line.
- McCoy finds Malcolm Williams on a deep post for another Texas TD. 2 pt conversion is good and we've got ourselves a ball game!

Texas Tech 28
Texas 18
8:48 4th Quarter

- Harrell gets too much air under a ball to Morris on a deep crossing route and it's picked off. Texas in business at the TT 47 yd line.

- Tech's defense forces a 4th and 1 but Vondrell McGee JUST gets past the marker to keep the Longhorns in business with under 6 minutes to go.
- On 3rd and short, McCoy rolls out and finds the TE formerly known as Blaine Irby down at the Tech 2 yd line and it's 1st and goal with under 3 minutes left.

- It only takes 1 more play as Ogbonnaya takes it in from 2 yards out.

Texas Tech 28
Texas 25
2:08 4th Quarter

- Texas Tech will start at their own 27 yd line with a 3 pt lead and 1:58 left on the clock. Both teams still have all of their timeouts.
- Two runs and a short pass and the Red Raiders will give the ball back to the Longhorns with just over a minute left and Texas still having 1 timeout.
-LaCour gets off a great punt this time and Texas has to call for a fair catch with 1:07 left on the clock and the ball at the Texas 24 yd line.

- Poor clock management by McCoy and Mack combined with great pressure from Tech's defensive line...and the Horns don't even sniff field goal range. Jamar Wall bats down the final pass of the game at the 20 yd line and this one is in the books...

Texas Tech 28

Texas 25

FINAL STATS (Tech...Texas)

Total Offense...400...417
Passing Offense...28 of 41 344 yds 1 TD 3 INT's...38 of 49 375 yds 2 TD's 4 INT's
Rushing Offense...18 carries 81 yds 1 TD...33 carries 52 yds 1 TD's

Graham Harrell - 28 of 41 344 yds 1 TD 3 INT's
Colt McCoy - 38 of 49 375 yds 2 TD's 4 INT's

Baron Batch - 17 carries 76 yards 1 TD
Vondrell McGee - 19 carries 28 yards

Baron Batch - 7 catches 115 yds
Michael Crabtree - 7 catches 102 yds 1 TD
Shannon Woods - 5 catches 72 yds
Eric Morris - 5 catches 44 yds

Jordan Shipley - 9 catches 81 yds
Vondrell McGee - 6 catches 56 yds
Quan Cosby - 8 catches 68 yds

Brian Duncan - 12 tackles (3 TFL) 1 sack
Jamar Wall - 7 tackles (2 TFL) 1 sack 2 INT's 2 TD's
Marlon Williams - 8 tackles (4 TFL)
McKinner Dixon - 7 tackles (3 TFL) 1 sack

Tech Defense - 16 tackles for loss, 4 sacks, 4 INT's, 2 TD's


Brandon said...

This may be the last play of the game. Lining up in shot gun, From the 28. Here's the snap, Harrel Waiting, Crabtree on the slant. Got the big maaan...


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