Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2009 Preseason Blog Schedule

I'm alive and (more importantly) Flags Over Raiderland is making a return appearance to the Tech County blogosphere. Here is the preseason blog schedule leading up to the start of the 2009 season next Saturday (we're going to ignore the spare schedule of games on Thursday and Friday unless you really want to get my thoughts on ND State @ Iowa State or USC @ NC State).

August 25 - Who are the true freshman that will play this fall?
August 26 - Will we see a Crabtree 2.0 or a more balanced receiving corps?
August 27 - Who replaces Brandon Williams and McKinner Dixon?
August 28 - Who fills the CB spot opposite Jamar Wall?
August 29 - How will the reloaded OL look and play in 2009?
August 30 - What should you expect from Taylor Potts?
August 31 - Will the 2009 run game resemble that of 2008 or 2006?
September 1 - Who will come out of nowhere (non-freshman) to make an impact?
September 2 - Which ranked team(s) will Tech upset this fall?
September 3 - Off, Def, ST, Frosh, and Coach MVP's for 2009
September 4 - 2009 Season Prediction
September 5 - Week 1 Picks ATS