Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bringing a blog back from the dead...

I started this blog a few years ago because I needed an outlet for all of the thoughts going through my head about Texas Tech football. Life went in a different direction and I found myself unable to write in the way that I wanted to so I stopped writing altogether.

I'm certainly not going to do anything nearly as ambitious as I did in the past. Instead, I'm going to focus on reviewing each game from a purely statistical perspective.

I'm pulling out the names and numbers of the players and simply looking at formations, types of plays, and the yards that they do or don't produce. If you're familiar with the work of Bob Sturm then you've seen him do this for the Cowboys/Jason Garrett in recent seasons.

I will also use my moderate knowledge of the rules of the game to look at each penalty called and give it a thumbs up/thumbs down. I'll try to explain what made a call good/bad and also point out if I see something that could've been officiated in a different way. I don't consider myself an expert in officiating the game. However, it is something that I have a developing love for and hope I can apply my experiences in as unbiased of a way as is possible for a fan that has a built-in bias towards Texas Tech.

To give you a small sampling of data...here is what I have on Tech by formation from Saturday: (for the record, my charting has 1 more play for 7 yards than what the box score shows. I'm assuming this has to do with how they counted a play with a penalty applied to it that I overlooked).

FormationCountYards GainedYds/Play

The formations are:

S0 - 0 RB, 0 TE, 5 WR
S1 - 1 RB, 0 TE, 4 WR
S11 - 1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR
S2 - 2 RB, 0 TE, 3 WR

**The S2 formation includes the 21 yards lost when the ball was snapped over Potts on the first play from scrimmage for Tech.

In the 9 plays run from the S2 formation you had the following occur:

- Snap over Potts head
- Intentional grounding on Potts
- Sticks sacked for a loss of 10
- Potts' INT over the middle in the 3rd quarter
- Detron on a WR sweep
- Motion used on 4 of 9 plays from this formation

Hopefully I'll get a little better with my html skills and learn how to align tables better as I progress in this endeavor.

I hope you enjoy that sample and I'll be back with my final breakdown of the game in the next day or two as time allows!

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