Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big 12 Bowl Projections

I don't buy into these too early in the season...but now that the first set of BS rankings are out, I'll go ahead pass these along:

Brut Sun Bowl
Dec. 31 / 2 p.m. El Paso, Texas CBS
Projection: Texas Tech vs. USC

what's odd is that when I played with TT on NCAA 08 this season...I got them to the Fiesta Bowl where they played (and lost a close game to) USC!!!

Other Big 12 Bowl projections:

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl Dec. 27 / 8 p.m. San Diego, Calif. ESPNProjection: Kansas vs. California
- Don't count on it. All things equal, I think they would select Tech, Missouri or Texas (if available) over Kansas.

Texas Bowl Dec. 28 / 8 p.m. NFL NetworkTie-Ins: Houston, Texas Projection: Colorado vs. Houston
- No disagreements with this one.

Alamo Bowl Dec. 29 / 8 p.m. San Antonio, Texas ESPNProjection: Illinois vs. Kansas State
- Again, I think they would take Tech, Texas or maybe even Missouri before KState.

Petro Sun Independence Bowl Dec. 30 / 8 p.m. Shreveport, La. ESPNProjection: Texas A&M vs. Arkansas
- Something about Texas A&M being relegated to a bowl game in Shreveport gives me a good laugh this morning.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl Dec. 31 / 12:30 p.m. Fort Worth, Texas ESPNProjection: TCU vs. Nebraska (No Pac 10 projected available)
- This one might be even more of a laugher. Two teams who were in the BCS mix before the season (moreso for TCU than Nebraska) ending up in a meanlingless bowl game at TCU. Nebraska's late wins over Wake Forest and Ball St look a lot more important now once you consider that the Huskers will have to win 2 out of 5 from the likes of A&M, Texas, Kansas, KState, and Colorado just to become bowl eligible.

Insight Bowl Dec. 31 / TBA Tempe, Ariz. NFL NetworkProjection: Michigan State vs. Oklahoma State
- I sure hope that this one happens. I don't want a game that I would care to watch to actually be played on New Years' Eve. Plus...I have a party planned at the W Dallas for that night!

AT&T Cotton Bowl Jan. 1 / 11:30 a.m. Dallas, Texas FOXProjection: Texas vs. Kentucky
- I think the Big 12 representative for this game will be decided by the winner in Austin on November 10th. When we bought our tix for this game last summer, I wasn't looking forward to this trip but given the improved Tech defense, the immergence of Crabtree, and the chaos that is going on in Austin...this game could have some serious bowl implications. Then again, I still think the Horns will have to win out to end up in the Cotton Bowl.

Allstate Sugar Bowl Jan. 1 / 8:30 p.m. New Orleans, La. FOXProjection: South Carolina vs. Missouri
- It's a nice thought...but it won't happen as long as Missouri's defense continues to give up 400+ yds/game. They've looked a bit better in conference, but their performance against mid-majors and 1-AA schools exposed this defense as being nothing above mediocore.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Jan. 2 / 8 p.m. Phoenix, Ariz. FOXProjection: Oregon vs. Oklahoma
- Though it's a return trip to Glendale for the Sooners, it's not for the MNC game that they would love to have a shot at. Then again, the Boomers can't complain about the play of Frosh QB Sam Bradford as his future looks bright. Chalk this one up another Big 12 title for Mr Stoops.

The end is near on my research...but don't get too excited about the Graham Harrell projection information just yet!!!

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