Friday, October 19, 2007

The Tech Uniform Count...

barring something unforseen this weekend in Columbia...the streak of 7 games with 7 different uniforms will end for the Raiders. However, expect a new streak of wins vs Missouri to start tomorrow!!!

Here's a recap of the different combos we've seen this year. Still missing are the black top/red pants and red pants/black top. Maybe we'll see those in the final two home games of the season???

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Since tomorrow will be the first time this season that I've had the opportunity to sit on my couch and watch football on a Saturday...I'm thinking of doing "remote blogging" of the TT/Mizzou game live from the apt. Depending on who the announcers are for this one...I may use the XM Radio feed to pair with the evil non-HD feed coming through from ABC. Either way...stay tuned...maybe I'll work up something that's mildly interesting.

Now back to my regularly scheduled Friday afternoon "Siesta Under the Deska"...

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