Thursday, September 4, 2008

Texas Tech vs Nevada - Simulation

Well the plus side is that I've got some pics and videos for this game. However, since EA Sports didn't see fit to add Mackay Stadium into the game...I decided to move the game to UNLV's Sam Boyd Stadium.

First Quarter

- Nevada wins the coin toss and will start at their own 32 yd line.
- After a nice QB draw by Kaepernick, he goes play action only to find that Marlon Williams has snuck in front of his intended WR and intercepted the ball at the Nevada 43 yd line.

marlon INT 1

- Nevada has pressured Harrell on every pass he's thrown, but he's completed the first 3 to 3 different WR's and the Red Raiders are down inside the 10 yd line. 1st and goal.
- On 3rd and goal, Shannn Woods makes a nice catch along the sideline but is stopped a yard short of the goalline. No worries though as he walks into the endzone on 4th down behind a pair of nice blocks from Rylan Reed and a pulling Brandon Carter.

Texas Tech 7
Nevada 0
10:50 1st Quarter

- We have our first penalty of the day as Franklin Mitchem rips off the helmet of the Nevada return an and the Wolfpack will start the drive at their own 48 yd line.
- Rajon Henley gets to Kaepernick on 1st down for an 8 yd sack. However, Nevada is able to convert on 3rd and 15 to get inside the Texas Tech 40 yd line.
- What looks like a play action screen is negated as Colby Whitlock gets to Kaepernick for a 6 yd sack.

colby sack

- Taylor Charbonnet breaks up what would've been Nevada's third 3rd down conversion on the drive and the Wolfpack come up just short on a 48 yd FG attempt.

6:56 1st Quarter

- Graham has found Crabtree with 3 consecutive passes for just over 25 total yds. Nevada is keeping a lot of tight pressure on #5 to keep him from putting up the YAC yardage.
- Two pass plays to the Elf...and you've got 36 yds and another Texas Tech touchdown!
emo TD

Texas Tech 14
Nevada 0
4:30 1st Quarter

- Be glad that you aren't the one having to face Brandon he goes sky high to swat down a pass on 3rd and long to kill another Wolfpack drive.

sesay jump

- The final play of the 1st quarter finds Kaepernick hitting the turf for the 4th time.

2nd Quarter

- On the first play of the 2nd quarter, Nevada tries a screen play but Marlon Williams sheds his block, intercepts the pass, and goes 16 yards untouched to the end zone.

marlon INT TD

Texas Tech 21
Nevada 0
14:55 2nd Quarter

- Jamar Wall has seen a little bit of time at slot WR and has had 2 nice catch and runs on quick outs.
- Adrian Reese lines up in the slot and has a very nice 14 yd catch in traffic to move the chains on 3rd down.
- Harrell fakes a draw to Shannon Woods on 3rd and long and throws towards the endzone to Detron Lewis. Unfortunately the ball is just underthrown and Nevada picks it off and returns it to their own 18 yd line.

8:08 2nd Quarter

- Nevada is using some 3-3-5 and getting really nice pressure on Harrell.
- On 3rd and long, Harrell finds a wide open Detron Lewis on a wheel route and he goes the distance for another Texas Tech touchdown.

Texas Tech 28
Nevada 0
4:26 2nd Quarter

- Nevada is doing a really nice job moving the ball through the air. Unfortunately, their offense is built to run the ball and they aren't have much success on the ground. Still, they're inside Tech territory with under a minute left until halftime.
- Brandon Sesay drops into zone coverage on a RB and snags first INT as a Red Raider. He tries to take it back about 70 yds but is finally caught by a Nevada RB around the 5 yd line after carrying him on his back for close to 10 yds.

run sesay

- This time it only takes 1 play as GH finds Eddie B for a 6 yd TD just before the half.

Texas Tech 35
Nevada 0

Noteable Stats
- Graham Harrell is 16 of 21 for 207 yds 3 TD's and 1 INT
- Michael Crabtree has 4 receptions for 40 yds
- Ed Britton has 3 catches for 35 yds and 1 TD
- Brandon Sesay has 2 tackles, 1 QB sack, 2 tackle for loss, and 1 INT
- Marlon Williams has 4 tackles, 1 tackle for a loss, and 2 INT's
- The Swarm has sacked Kaepernick 5 times and picked off 3 of his passes in the first half.
- Nevada has 93 net yards in the first half (98 passing, -5 rushing)
- Texas Tech has 210 net yards in the first half

3rd Quarter

- The Air Raid is having a VERY methodical drive this time, having chewed up almost 5 minutes off the clock. Unfortunately, it ends with 33 yd Donnie Carona FG this time after 12 plays and 62 yards.

Texas Tech 38
Nevada 0
10:08 3rd

- Another Nevada drive, another Texas Tech INT. This time it's Brian Duncan stepping in front of a pass.

- The Red Raiders go 3 and out but this time Donnie Carona's 54 yd FG attempt falls short after hitting the bottom bar.

- Eddie B is having a really nice day today. He's had 3 big time catches to keep this drive going down into the Nevada redzone.
- On 3rd and goal, Harrell finds Aaron Crawford out of the backfield for a Red Raider touchdown. I doubt we see the starters out on the field too much longer.

Texas Tech 45
Nevada 0
1:28 3rd Quarter

- Bront Bird strips Kaepernick on 3rd down and Brandon Williams recovers at the Nevada 43. The first team offense is coming back out on the field for Texas Tech.

4th Quarter

- Despite having to fight through double coverage most of the game, Michael Crabtree finalls gets in the endzone for his first TD of the day.

crabtree TD

Texas Tech 52
Nevada 0
13:38 4th Quarter

- It took 3+ quarters but the Wolfpack finally find the scoreboard late in the 4th against Texas Tech's backups.

- The Red Raiders run the clock out and this one is over!

Texas Tech 52
Nevada 7


Total Offense...398...242
Passing Offense...33 of 48 356 yds 5 TD's 1 INT...20 of 34 184 yds 1 TD 4 INT's
Rushing Offense...26 carries 42 yds 1 TD...24 carries 58 yds 0 TD's

Graham Harrell - 30 of 42 336 yds 5 TD's 1 INT

Ed Britton - 8 catches 104 yds 1 TD
Michael Crabtree - 7 catches 65 yds 1 TD
Detron Lewis - 4 catches 86 yds 1 TD
Eric Morris - 5 catches 60 yds 1 TD

Jamar Wall - 10 tackles 2 pass deflections
Marlon Wiilams - 7 tackles (2 for loss) 2 INT's (1 for TD)
Brian Duncan - 6 tackles (2 for loss) 1 INT
Brandon Sesay - 4 tackles (4 for loss) 2 sacks, 1 INT, 1 FF, 1 FR

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