Friday, December 28, 2007

Masked Rider to Ride in the Gator Bowl

The Florida Times-Union is reporting that the Masked Rider will lead the Texas Tech football team onto the field at the Gator Bowl.

"There is the strongest emotional attachment to the Masked Rider among Tech fans," said Steve Uryasz, a senior associate athletic director at Tech and executive director of the Red Raider Club. "It's more than just a mascot people see at the games. The Masked Rider is as much a part of the team as a player. When he rides onto the field [before the Gator Bowl] people will feel the electricity."

Evidently the Gator Bowl banned the use of live mascots after Auburn's War Eagle attacked a Texas player in the 1974 Gator Bowl. However, they realized the importance of the Masked Rider and his link to the Gator Bowl and are allowing him to ride.

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