Thursday, December 6, 2007

Crabtree quotes

A few noteable quotes from MC during an ESPN chat yesterday:

Joey (Jacksonville, FL): What WR in the NFL do you think symbolizes
you the most?

Michael Crabtree: I think I'm like a mix of receivers. A little Chad Johnson, a little TO, a little Randy Moss.

Ahh yes...MC confirms my TO comparison from this post during the Mizzou game:
5:48 – Crabtree with a drop on a wide open pass over the
middle. I had this thought after the Okie Lite game…but does MC not have the best hands in the game? His abilities are starting to remind me of Terrell Owens. Once you get the ball in his hands…he’s as deadly as anybody in the country because of his strength and athleticism.

See I'm not just an idiot blogger. Every once in a while...something I say has a little bit of merit. Hopefully we won't see the "antics" of the aforementioned players develop in MC while he's at Texas Tech.
Cody (Schenectady, NY): It's amazing what you've done as a Freshman.
Do you plan on playing four years of college football?

Michael Crabtree: Yeah, I plan
on it.

The only word coming to mind right now is LIAR. Oh well...I'll get my hopes up for now! I decided to lump these 3 quotes together:

Frank (Kansas): What did you do to celebrate after beating OU?
Michael Crabtree: Nothing. We went the
next day and practiced.

Brett (Lubbock TX): What is your response to the "system receiver"
Michael Crabtree: I don't think
it's a system. It's more hard work.

Lee (Houston, TX): What do you think you can do to duplicate your
numbers next season (or do even better)?
Michael Crabtree: Have a good summer. Come back next year and
harder than I played this year.

Reading these 3 quotes made me feel really good about next season. All indications are that MC isn't going to get caught up in the hype and slack off next year. Leach pointed this out earlier this season when he said that Michael learned his lesson about what happens when you don't work hard (see Mizzou and Colorado losses) and that won't be happening again.

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