Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Something that should be pointed out to WR recruits

when thinking they have to go to a big name school to have a chance in the NFL:

1. Jerry Rice...Mississippi Valley St
3. Issac Bruce...Memphis
4. James Lofton...Stanford
5. Marvin Harrison...Syracuse
7. Henry Ellard...Fresno St
8. Andre Reed...Kutztown College
9. Steve Largent...Tulsa
10. Terrell Owens...Tenn-Chattanooga

- 8 of the Top 10 All-Time NFL Receivers (by receiving yards) didn't play at big name programs. The two exceptions are Tim Brown (Notre Dame) and Cris Carter (Ohio State).
- 6 of them were drafted in the first 2 rounds, 1 in the 3rd and 3 in the 4th round.

Unlike at many other positions, teams do not hesitate to take WR's from smaller schools. The best receivers in the game will get drafted in the first few rounds...regardless of what school they played at. It's all about demonstrating your abilities in college and getting your game ready for the next level. Are you better suited to do that in a system where you can catch 100+ balls per year or 50 balls per year???

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Sunshine Scooter said...

Is UT-Chattanooga not old enough to be considered an adult?

Not trying to be a d*ck, just pointing it out. I like it when people point out grammer, spelling mistakes on my blog. It tells me that people are actually reading it.

Good post, Zebbie.

Zebbie L. said...

dang...I guess next time I'll just write UT instead of teen...doh!!!

I agree...always nice to know that somebody's reading your work! ;)