Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Texas Tech and other New Years Day Picks

Greetings from the W Dallas this morning.  This time last year, I was on a blind date to the Cotton Bowl with the girl that is now my fiance.  A year later we find ourselves sitting in our hotel room staring at the "carnage" (actually it's pretty clean) left from hosting 30+ people here last night.  Somehow we survived...everybody that could got home safely...and we only had 1 broken champagne glass.  Can't ask for a better evening! :) 

Gator Bowl (Texas Tech vs Virginia) - If you're reading this blog then you know which way this pick is going.  I don't mind going against Tech if we're definitely not the superior team, but in a game such as this I think it comes down to matchups.  Tech is far superior offensively while Virginia has a better run defense and a great edge rusher in Chris Long.  For a more detailed breakdown by player...check out this work from Seth over at DTN.  It gives you great statistical info on the players we'll see out there for both teams today.  Ok...gotta speed up my writing a bit.

Texas Tech 38
Virginia 27

Outback Bowl (Tennessee vs Wisconsin) - Tennessee played well in their last outing vs LSU.  Anybody that can force LSU to play their game is doing something right.  That said, Phil Fulmer is still their coach so count on a few stupid in-game decisions.  Wisconsin has underachieved (by Vegas standards at least) all season long.  Playing the Fulmer card...give me the Badgers.

Wisconsin 24
Tennessee 16

Cotton Bowl (Arkansas vs Mizzou) - I'm really looking forward to this game...or at least until about 12PM when I'll switch to the Gator Bowl.  McFadden will play (it was never in question IMO) and Mizzou has a chance to rebound from the beating they received from OU.  Given all the hype about offense, I think this one will stay fairly low scoring.  A 10:30 start isn't something teams in the Big 12 and SEC are used to...so rust will be heavy for at least a quarter.

Mizzou 20
Arkansas 17 

Capital One Bowl (Michigan vs Florida) - Poor Michigan.  They're playing Lloyd Carr's last game vs an extremely talented (and young) Florida team looking to gain momentum heading into 2008.  Tebow is out to prove that the Heisman wasn't a fluke for him and this is his first chance to prove himself.  However, I like Lloyd Carr...so let's send him out a winner!

Michigan 27
Florida 24

Rose Bowl (USC vs Illinois) - USC...USC...USC.  Hmm...any wonder where I'm going with this pick?  Illinois has some nice, young talent with Juice Williams and stud freshman Arrelious Benn.  But yeah...their talent is just nice and not exactly prime time material.  USC's 2nd and 3rd string guys could start at almost every position in Champaign.  Throw in that the Rose Bowl is all but a home game for the Trojans (and Pasadena may very well be their new home stadium VERY soon)...it's hard to give the Illini much of a chance in this one.

USC 41
Illinois 24

Sugar Bowl (Hawaii vs Georgia) - Hawaii can score...and score a lot.  However, they have absolutely no defense and it should be exposed by Georgia.  The only way they win this game is if Georgia doesn't care and throws up a dud in the first half.  The Warriors aren't known for playing well on the mainland (see OT win vs San Jose St for recent evidence) either and New Orleans is a LOOONG way from Honolulu.

Georgia 49
Hawaii 38

Sorry it took so long to get these posted...enjoy!!!

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