Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Texas Tech vs Oklahoma - Simulation

Kirk and Lee think that Jamar Wall's play tonight against Iglesias and Johnson will go a long way in determining the outcome of this one. Oklahoma wins the toss and elects to we go from Norman!

boomer land

- Iglesias returns the opening kick to the 25 where he's met by Taylor Charbonnet.
- On 3rd and short, Marlon Williams sneaks through the line and brings down Murray a yard shy of the first down line.

- After a 9 yd punt return by Eric Morris, Texas Tech takes over at their own 36 yd line.
- On 3rd and 4, Harrell finds Lyle Leong over the middle for a first down inside OU territory.
- On 1st and 10 from the 30, Alexander blows past Rylan Reed and gets to Harrell for the first sack of the game.
- 2nd and 10 from the 16, Harrell finds Morris behind the secondary but he can't quite haul the ball in for a touchdown.

EMo miss

- On 3rd down, they throw the fade to Britton on the wide side of the field...he out jumps his defender and comes down in the endzone. Touchdown Red Raiders!!!

Texas Tech 7
Oklahoma 0
9:32 1st Quarter

- 2nd and 3 for the Sooners at their own 29, Bradford rolls left but is chased down by Colby Whitlock for a sack before he can get a pass off. The boy from Noble, OK is making his presence felt early in this one.
- DeMarco Murray is stuffed by Dixon and Charbonnet on a toss play and the Sooners have to punt agian.

- Crabtree lined up in the left slot, ball at midfield on the right hash. Harrell drops back, scans the field, fires deep to the corner...Crabtree's got it at the 20 and the rest is a formality. Touchdown Red Raiders

Crab TD 1

Texas Tech 14
Oklahoma 0
5:48 1st Quarter

- Despite a slow start to the game, Bradford and company are starting to open things up quick. After a 12 yd pass and catch to Iglesias gets them a 3rd down, Murray takes a screen pass for 18 yards and Darcel McBath keeps him from taking it to the hosue.
- Doesn't matter...on the next play Murray takes a toss and goes 49 yards to paydirt.

Texas Tech 14
Oklahoma 7
2:41 1st Quarter

- Tech is advancing the ball steadily down the field but come up a foot short on 4th down at the OU 47. No fear though as Captain Leach calls for a quick screen to Morris and the chains are moved as we reach the end of the 1st quarter.

Texas Tech 14
Oklahoma 7
End of 1st Quarter

(note: Graham Harrell is 13 of 18 for 143 yards and 2 TD's after 1 quarter of play. Sam Bradford is 3 of 4 for 25 yards.)

- 2nd and 1 from the 9 yard line and Harrell connects with Crabtree on a crossing route and he beats a slew of OU defenders to the endzone.

Crab TD 2

Texas Tech 21
Oklahoma 7
14:47 2nd Quarter

- Iglesias returns the kick to the OU 42 yard line. On first down, LA Reed picks off a Bradford pass.
- However, on the Red Raiders first play, Harrell tries to squeeze a deep ball into Crabtree over 2 defenders but Nic Harris comes up with the pick and returns it back to the OU 31.

- Ruffin McNeill feels that his defense stopped Murray a yard shy of a first down, but a favorable spot and a poor review gives the Sooners a first down at their own 41. On the next play, Bradford finds Jermaine Gresham on a designed clearout play for the big TE, and he breaks 2 tackles (including running over L.A. Reed) on his way to the endzone.


Texas Tech 21
Oklahoma 14
12:18 2nd Quarter

- After a nice kick return by Ed Britton, Harrell finds Lyle Leong for 26 yards and a Tech first down inside the OU 40.
- Two plays later, and Adam James makes a great catch in traffic to put the ball at the OU 19.
- Two more plays, and Harrell finds Crabtree for a 3rd touchdown and it's only the first half. Nessler and Herbstreit comment that this WR is the best player in the country and Corso states that he'd hate to be the defensive back (this time it's safety Nic Harris) because Harrell and Crabs are just toying with him.

TD Crabtree

Texas Tech 28
Oklahoma 14
9:10 2nd Quarter

- A lot of Murray with a few short passes sprinkled in and the boomers are down to the Tech 23 yard line.
- On 3rd and 5 from the Tech 18, Chris Brown takes a shovel pass from Bradford but is knocked down immediately by Mr. Duncan and the Sooners have to settle for a FG.

Texas Tech 28
Oklahoma 17
2:42 2nd Quarter

- And bad luck just hits the Red Raiders in bunches. Ed Britton dislocates his elbow on the kickoff. On the next play, Baron Batch fumbles a screen pass and it's recovered by the Sooners at the Texas Tech 25.

- Two runs by Murray and the Sooners have 1st and goal at the 1.
- On first down, Brian Duncan stops Murray at the line of scrimmage.
- On second down, Bront Bird brings down Manuel Johnson back at the 4 on a WR screen.
- On third down, Marlon Williams gets to Murray on a toss to the wide side of the field and stops him at the 7 yard line. Again...the Sooners settle for a FG.

Texas Tech 28
Oklahoma 20
:49 2nd Quarter

- Harrell to Swindall for 21 yards...31 seconds left...timeout!
- Harrell to Crabtree...incomplete
- Harrell to Swindall...caught at the 32 yard line. Wait...official catch!!! 19 second left
- Harrell to Crabtree for 16 yards...14 seconds left...timeout!
- Harrell to Lewis...dropped
- Harrell to Crabtree...2 yards 4 seconds left...timeout!
- Donnie Carona just sneaks in a 49 yd FG to end a wild first half.

Texas Tech 31
Oklahoma 20

Noteable Stats
- Graham Harrell is 23 of 31 for 256 yds 4 TD's and 1 INT
- Michael Crabtree has 8 catches for 108 yds and 3 TD's. 9 other WR's have a combined 15 catches and 5 of them have at least 2 catches.
- Baron Batch has 6 carries for 34 yds and 2 catches for 6 yards
- Brian Duncan has 5 tackles and 1 pass deflection
- Darcel McBath has 5 tackles
- Colby Whitlock has 3 tackles and 1 sack
- Marlon Williams has 4 tackles and 2 for loss
- Sam Bradford is 7 of 9 for 132 yds 1 TD 1 INT
- DeMarco Murray has 17 carries for 85 yards and 1 TD
- Jermaine Gresham has 3 catches for 80 yards and 1 TD

---3rd Quarter---

- Texas Tech gets the ball first and Harrell leads the boys on a methodical 12 play 78 yard drive. Unfortunately, they come up a yard shy as their 4th and goal from the 2 QB option is blown up in the backfield by a blitzing Nic Harris as Harrell tries to run it in for the TD. OU ball at the 5.

Texas Tech 31
Oklahoma 20
10:32 3rd Quarter

- On 2nd and 6 from the 9, Darcel McBath "pulls a Gideon" and drops an easy interception. On the next play, DeMarco Murray runs for 12 yards and a first down.
- The Sooners put together a nice drive but again have to try a FG. This time however, a kick from 53 yards out is just wide right. Tech takes over with about 4:30 left in the 3rd quarter.

- Harrell and Batch move the offense right down the field to the 12 yard line. However, Harrell throws just behind Tramain Swindall and it's picked off at the 3 yard line.

- Two plays later, Manuel Johnson takes a WR end around and runs all the way to the 34 yard line before Daniel Charbonnet makes a touchdown saving tackle.
- A rare Jake Ratliff sighting as he stops Murray for a 2 yard loss on the next play.
- On 3rd and long, Bradford finds Chaney open along the sideline but L.A. Reed does an awesome job making up ground and breaks up the pass.

LA Reed

Texas Tech 31
Oklahoma 20
End of 3rd Quarter

- On the first play of the 4th quarter, Harrell throws a quick hitch to Crabtree. He turns and is blindsided by an Jackson and Clayton picks it up and runs it back for a 28 yd touchdown.

- DeMarco Murray just breaks the plane of the endzone and the 2 pt conversion is good.

Texas Tech 31
Oklahoma 28
14:44 4th Quarter

- On 1st and 10 from their own 28, Graham Harrell can't find anybody open and is sacked by Jeremy Beal for a 10 yard loss.
- Tech is forced to punt and the Sooners take over at their own 33 yard line. 12 minutes left in the game...

- On 3rd and 4 from the OU 39, Bradford completes a 15 yard pass to Manuel Johnson for a first down. Unfortunately, Phil Loadholt is called for holding and on 3rd and 14, Brandon Williams sacks Sam Bradford and forces the Sooners to punt.

- On consecutive 3rd downs, Harrell checks into a run play and the boys up front do their part to allow the backs to keep the drive alive with consecutive first downs. 8 minutes and ticking with the ball inside the OU 45.
- Harrell tries to squeeze an out route in to Ed Britton but Dominque Franks steps in front of it and returns it to Tech 49 yard line.

Texas Tech 31
Oklahoma 28
6:17 4th Quarter

- On 2nd down, Brian Duncan drops what would've been a HUGE interception at the Tech 40 yard line. 3rd and 10

B Duncan

- No worries though as Jamar Wall intercepts Bradford at the Tech 23 yard line on a pass 4intended for Adron Tennell. 4:42 left in 4th quarter.

- First down...first down...and first down...Tech is down inside the OU 40 yard line and the clock is under 2 minutes.
- Baron Batch up the middle for 2 yards. Timeout OU...1:47 left
- Batch ona quick toss to the right for 2 yards. Timeout OU...1:39 left
- Harrell over the middle to Crabtree for 5 yards. 1:30 and ticking...4th and 1 at the OU 32 yard line.
- The offense lines up like they're going to run a play and in fact snaps the ball for a successful QB sneak. However, Lyle Leong is called for a false start and it backs the team up 5 yards.
- Leach sends out Carona to try a 51 yard's straight's long enough...OOO it's off the cross bar. NO GOOD!!!

Texas Tech 31
Oklahoma 28
:58 4th Quarter

- OU has the ball at their own 34 with 1 timeout and 58 seconds left. Earlier in the game their kicker showed he had the leg for 53 yards but was just off the mark.
- Rajon Henley jumps and gives the Sooners a free 5 yards. 1st and 5 at the OU 39.
- Quentin Chaney catches a pass at midfield and is immediately tackled by Duncan and Reed. 53 seconds and ticking...
- Jamar Wall breaks up a pass intended for Tennell at the 45. 2nd and 10 at midfield. 43 seconds left...clock stops.
- Ruffin dials up a nickel blitz, Bradford breaks the would be tackle of Brent Nickerson and throws the ball away. 3rd and 10...38 seconds left.
- Bradford finds Chaney on a crossing route and he gets down to the Tech 33 yard line. 32 seconds and clock is running.
- With trips to the left, Bradford throws deep to Iglesias at the 15...but it's broken up by McBath. 21 seconds left.
- Bradford tries a screen pass to Murray but FB Matt Clapp is blocked into the pass and it falls incomplete. 3rd and 10...18 seconds left.
- Rajon Henley gets free on 3rd down and levels Sam Bradford as he's throwing. The Sooners recover back at their own 40 yard line but officials review and call it an incomplete pass.
- 4th and 10...15 seconds left. OU is lined up for a 50 yard FG. Tech calls timeout to ice the kicker!
- The kick is's long enough...and it just curves back inside the left upright. The 51 yard FG is good.

kick for OT

Texas Tech 31
Oklahoma 31
:10 4th Quarter

- Harrell completes a pass to Crabtree at the 40 yd line with 1 second left.
- The hail mary pass is batted down and we're on our way to overtime.

Texas Tech 31
Oklahoma 31

- OU wins the toss and takes the ball first. Strange tactics indeed.
- Pass complete to Iglesias down to the 11.
- Bradford to Murray...touchdown OU.

Texas Tech 31
Oklahoma 38
1st OT

- Harrell...Crabtree on a slant...25 yards...TOUCHDOWN RED RAIDERS!!!

Texas Tech 38
Oklahoma 38
End of 1st OT

- Tech gets the ball first this time.
- Harrell rolls out and finds Adam James for 13 yards down to the OU 12.
- Incomplete to Lewis in the endzone.
- Batch runs for 2 yards.
- Nic Harris knocks down a pass intended for Crabtree.
- Carona misses a FG from the left hash off the right upright!!!

Texas Tech 38
Oklahoma 38
Middle of 2nd OT

- Bradford can't find anybody open and throws it away.
- Bradford underthrows Iglesias on a corner route and it's picked off by Jamar Wall!!!

Texas Tech 38
Oklahoma 38
End of 2nd OT

- Tech wins the coin toss and will go on defense first.
- Bradford on a QB draw for 9 yards.
- Gresham seperates from Marlon Williams and has all day to haul in Bradford's ball in the endzone.
- OU tries a fake handoff to the FB and a pitch to Murray...but Darcel McBath snifs it out and the 2 pt try fails.

Texas Tech 38
Oklahoma 44
Middle of 3rd OT

- Harrell finds Lyle Leong all alone behind the defense for an easy 25 yard TD.
- Trips to the left...Crabtree to the right. Crabtree on a slant...he's got it.

Crabs wins it

- Your Big 12 South champs...Texas Tech Red Raiders!!!

Texas Tech 46
Oklahoma 44


Total Offense...547...390
Passing Offense...48 of 65 479 yds...15 of 30 236 yds
Rushing Offense...21 carries 68 yds...33 carries 154 yds 1 TD

Graham Harrell - 48 of 65 479 yds 6 TD's 3 INT's (153.9 rating) 5 carries 5 yards
Sam Bradford - 15 of 30 236 yds 3 TD's 3 INT's ( 129 rating) 4 carries 20 yards

Baron Batch - 14 carries 66 yards
Shannon Woods - 2 carries 16 yards
DeMarco Murray - 26 carries 109 yards 1 TD

Michael Crabtree - 16 carries 163 yards 4 TD's
Baron Batch - 7 catches 52 yards
Detron Lewis - 6 catches 42 yards
Tremain Swindall - 4 catches 54 yards
Lyle Leong - 3 catches 55 yards 1 TD
Adam James - 3 catches 30 yards
Eric Morris - 3 catches 27 yards
Shannon Woods - 3 catches 20 yards
Ed Britton - 3 catches 34 yards 1 TD

Quentin Chaney - 4 catches 53 yards
Jermaine Gresham - 4 catches 96 yards 2 TD's
DeMarco Murray - 3 catches 29 yards 1 TD
Manuel Johnson - 3 catches 46 yards
Juaquin Iglesias - 1 catch 12 yards

Marlon Williams - 9 tackles (3 for loss)
Darcel McBath - 8 tackles (2 for loss), 2 pass deflections
Brian Duncan - 7 tackles (1 for loss), 3 pass deflections
Bront Bird - 5 tackles (2 for loss), 1 pass deflection
Rajon Henley - 5 tackles (1 for loss), 1 sack

Tech defense - 9 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 3 INT's


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I was crying at the end...

Wreck 'Em!

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S.O.B. ... that was suspenseful. I was pulling my hair all the way through it.

Brandon said...

dang we should have had them. If you had included a nasty horse collar to Crabtree that almost broke his legs.

If we had had them in the first quarter it would have set our tempo better. But.

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sucks to suck!


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