Saturday, November 22, 2008

We're stormin Norman...

I've got 30 minutes or so until I hit the road for the land of boomer. I won't lie...I was up until 3, I was dreaming about the game tonight, and I woke up more anxious than I've been since I proposed to my fiancee a year ago. Ok...enough about me. Time to make some picks. I'm now at 25-18 so a winning week would be very nice heading towards the bowl season next month.

Ohio State 33 (-19.5)
Michigan 10

Notre Dame 34 (-20)
Syracuse 7

Houston 38
UTEP 30 (+17)

Ole Miss 30 (+135 or +3.5)
LSU 27

Boston College 20 (+2.5)
Wake Forest 16

BYU 17
Utah 27 (-7)

Texas Tech 38 (+7)
Oklahoma 34

1 comment:

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