Thursday, November 6, 2008

Texas Tech vs Oklahoma State - Simulation

With clear skies and cool weather...we bring you this great matchup between the #2 Texas Tech Red Raiders and the #9 Oklahoma State Cowboys. Herbstreit feels this game will come down to the play of OSU's QB Zac Robinson.

The Cowboys win the toss and defer to the 2nd half so Texas Tech will get the ball first in this one...

- Ed Britton opens things up by taking the kickoff back to the Texas Tech 39 yard line where Graham Harrell and company will take over.
- Harrell has found Adam James twice on the opening drive and the Red Raiders are in the red zone for the first time today.
- In methodical fashion, Texas Tech goes 59 yards in 10 plays and finishes off the drive with Harrell finding Crabtree at the goal line from 6 yds out for a Red Raider TOUCHDOWN!!!

Crabtree TD1

Texas Tech 7
Oklahoma State 0
11:30 1st Quarter

- Tech's defense starts very strong again. This time it's a quick 3 and out and they get the ball back to the offense at the Tech 44 after a 13 yd punt return from Eric Morris.

- Harrell has started this game 10 for 10 but can't quite squeeze a deep ball into Ed Britton at the OSU 25 and his completion streak ends there. Tech still in business though inside the OSU 40.
- On 4th and 1 at the OSU 27, Harrell audibles into a run and Baron Batch gets 11 yds down to the 16 yd line.

Batch Run

- Eric Morris splits 2 defenders and weasels his way down to the 4 yd line to set up 1st and goal.
- On 2nd and goal, Baron Batch gets into the endzone from a yard out for another Texas Tech touchdown!!!

Texas Tech 14
Oklahoma State 0
4:40 1st Quarter

- On a pass intended for Dez Bryant, LA Reed makes a great break off his man and knocks the ball to the turf. 3rd and long coming up for the Cowboys.


- Dez Bryant gets in the stat book but comes up 2 yds short thanks to a nice Marlon Williams tackle. The Red Raiders take over at their own 27 yd line after a fair catch from EMo.

- With a 9 yd completion to Baron Batch, Harrell has now gone over 100 yards in the first half.
- On 1st and 10 at the OSU 49, the Pokes try to get to Harrell with a CB blitz, but instead he finds Detron Lewis on a deep post with no safety back to help...TOUCHDOWN RED RAIDERS!!!

GH to Detron

Texas Tech 21
Oklahoma State 0
0:25 1st Quarter

- The Cowboys move the ball to their own 34 and we're at the end of the first quarter.

Texas Tech 21
Oklahoma State 0
2nd Quarter

- On 4th and 2 at their own 49, the Cowboys pitch to Hunter, he breaks a poor arm tackle by Jamar Wall at midfield and scampers down to the Tech 30 yd line before Taylor Charbonnet comes over to knock him out of bounds.

- This time it's 4th and 1 at the Tech 21 and the Pokes go for it again. Hunter takes the toss, makes a defender miss, the game glitches out (see video below) and he goes untouched into the endzone.

Texas Tech 21
Oklahoma State 7
11:54 2nd Quarter

- Tech is driving down the field again but this time Harrell is picked off on a deep fade to Lyle Leong and the Cowboys take over at their own 22 yd line.

- A few first downs for the Cowboys via the run game but they give the ball back to the Red Raiders at the Texas Tech 31.

- Crabtree gets held up by his own man on a crossing route and the Cowboys easily pick off the pass. They're back in business at their own 42.
- On first down, the screen pass fools everybody in the stadium and they're in Tech territory at the 31 yd line.
- It only takes 1 more play as Hunter goes 31 yards off right tackle to paydirt.


Texas Tech 21
Oklahoma State 14
1:17 2nd Quarter

- Tech is trying to get down and score before the half, but the PS3 likes INT's and Harrell is picked off for a 3rd time on what should've been an easy completion to Tremain Swindall. Nonetheless, the Cowboys take over at midfield with 28 seconds left.

- Zac Robinson finds Dez Bryant deep over the middle but he's tackled at the Tech 9 and the Pokes will have to attempt a short FG.
- The FG is good...but there's holding on the play and the clock is now at 0:00. Penalty accepted and 3 points come off the board for OSU.

Texas Tech 21
Oklahoma State 14

Noteable Stats
- Graham Harrell is 23 of 30 for 225 yds 2 TD's and 3 INT's
- Michael Crabtree has 6 catches for 45 yds and 1 TD. 8 other WR's have catches and 6 of them have at least 2 catches.
- Baron Batch has 9 carries for 40 yds and 1 TD
- Daniel Charbonnet has 6 tackles and 1 pass deflection
- Darcel McBath has 5 tackles and 2 pass deflections
- Brandon Williams has 4 tackles including 2 for a loss.
- Zac Robinson is 10 of 14 for 85 yds. He also has 13 yds on 3 carries.
- Kendall Hunter has 10 rushes for 87 yds and 2 TD's. He also has 4 catches for 37 yards.
- Dez Bryant has 1 catch for 19 yards.

---3rd Quarter---

- Bryant returns the kick to the 30 yd line and that's where the Cowboys will start their drive.
- On the first play, Robinson goes play action and tries to find Bryant on a deep crossing route. However, Brian Duncan gets between him and the pass and intercepts it at the 35 before returning it to the OSU 29 yd line.

Duncan INT

- One pass to Crabtree...TOUCHDOWN Red Raiders!!!

Texas Tech 28
Oklahoma State 14
14:26 3rd Quarter

- This time it looks like a miscommunication between Robinson and Bryant. Dez breaks to the outside, the pass is thrown to the inside, and Jamar Wall catches it at the 34 and there's nobody between him and the endzone!!!

Wall INT

Texas Tech 35
Oklahoma State 14
14:04 3rd Quarter

- Tech with another beautiful drive that finds them in the red zone once again. This time on 3rd and short from the 6, Harrell fakes a handoff to Woods and jogs into the endzone untouched.

Texas Tech 42
Oklahoma State 14
8:27 3rd Quarter

- Okie Lite is moving the ball but on 3rd and 7 from the Tech 42, McKinner Dixon gets to Robinson for the Red Raiders first sack of the day.
- The punt is killed at the 2 yd line and the Red Raiders will be working with a lot of green ahead of them.

- On the first play, Baron Batch is almost tackled in the endzone but he breaks a tackle and gets out to the 21 yd line.
- Tech is putting together another very solid drive (14 plays and counting) and they're once again down inside the OSU 20.
- The Red Raiders now face a 4th and 3 at the OSU 7 as we reach the end of the 3rd quarter

---4th Quarter---

- This isn't a problem though as Matt "Lynwood" Williams comes on and calmly kicks a 24 yd FG.

Texas Tech 45
Oklahoma State 14
14:57 4th Quarter

- The Cowboys finally show a little bit of quick strike potential as they go 60 yds in 3 plays and Robinson finds Artrell Woods for a 31 yd TD down the right sideline.

Texas Tech 45
Oklahoma State 21
14:04 4th Quarter

- The Air Raid moves the ball to the 45 yd line but the drive stalls and they give it back to the Pokes at their own 32 with just under 12 minutes left.
- Robinson finds Woods for a long gain to the Tech 43 yd line. However, he's tackled from behind by Darcel McBath and goes off the field with a sprained ankle. His return is doubtful.
- Kendall Hunter with another nice run down to the Tech 15. I don't have the exact number in front of me but he has to be somewhere around 125 yds on the day.
- On 4th and 4 from the 8, Robinson breaks what would be a Colby Whitlock sack and finds a wide open Kendall Hunter for a TD on a busted play.
- The Pokes go for 2 but LA Reed stops Hunter in the backfield before he ever makes the corner.

Texas Tech 45
Oklahoma State 27
6:50 4th Quarter

- The Red Raiders recover the onside kick and will look to milk some clock here.
- On the 3rd down, Batch takes the option pitch from Harrell and runs 20+ yards down to the OSU 21.
- After 2 runs are stopped in the backfield, Harrell finds Detron Lewis on a corner route and he beats the defender to the pylon. TOUCHDOWN RED RAIDERS!!!

Detron TD2

Texas Tech 52
Oklahoma State 27
2:58 4th Quarter

- The Cowboys can't do anything else with the ball and turn it over on downs with just over a minute left.
- Texas Tech runs out the clock and this game is OVER!!!

Texas Tech 52
Oklahoma State 27


Total Offense...525...391
Passing Offense...39 of 50 373 yds 4 TD's 3 INT's...21 of 29 233 yds 2 TD's 2 INT's
Rushing Offense...28 carries 152 yds 2 TD's...27 carries 158 yds 2 TD's

Graham Harrell - 39 of 50 373 yds 4 TD's 3 INT's (155 rating) 3 carries 31 yards 1 TD
Zac Robinson - 21 of 29 233 yds 2 TD's 2 INT's (148.8 rating) 5 carries 13 yards

Baron Batch - 18 carries 101 yards 1 TD
Shannon Woods - 7 carries 20 yards
Kendall Hunter - 17 carries 140 yards 2 TD's

Michael Crabtree - 9 catches 86 yds 2 TD's
Detron Lewis - 5 catches 83 yds 2 TD's
Eric Morris - 5 catches 44 yds
Adam James - 5 catches 39 yds
Britton, Batch, Woods, Swindall, and Leong - 15 catches 121 yds

Kendall Hunter - 7 catches 44 yds 1 TD
Artrell Woods - 4 catches 74 yds 1 TD
Brandon Pettigrew - 3 catches 37 yds
Dez Bryant - 3 catches 29 yds

Daniel Charbonnet (played 80% of game as nickel back) - 12 tackles 1 pass deflection
Darcel McBath - 8 tackles 2 pass deflections
L.A. Reed - 7 tackles (1 for loss) 2 pass deflections
Brian Duncan - 6 tackles (2 for loss) 1 INT, 1 pass deflection
McKinner Dixon 4 - tackles (3 for loss) 1 sack

Tech defense - 8 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 2 INT's, 1 defensive TD


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