Monday, September 24, 2007

Apology, Depression, and "good news"

First off I want to apologize on not getting anything else posted last week. I wrote everything that I wanted to post...but could never find free internet near the blackjack tables for some reason. It's crazy I tell ya. Then I get home yesterday and my internet is down (and still was this morning). As far as my picks...I did have Tech winning 52-42 and the Bears beating the Cows 24-19. The Tech pick was an honest pick...the Bears pick was reverse psychology. I'm heading back to Vegas again this Thursday night (for a wedding) so I won't make this game...but I will get a Tech preview posted. doesn't look like the directional louisiana (no I won't capitalize the L) game will be on TV...and I don't want to spend time researching a 1-AA team so you'll just get some thoughts on Tech and a discussion on what it will take for them to win by X points on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon...sitting at the Bellagio sports book and watching Tech and Okie Lite trade TD's in the first half. Thoughts...Crabs is getting better every our defense we know how to tackle??? or blitz??? a great catch by MC...nice job getting two quick scores before the end of the half. Then we head down to Mandalay Bay to catch the 2nd half since we were going to a show after the game. Well 90 minutes of walking and trying to find a taxi and food later...I'm still hungry...still haven't found a TV...and I'm listening to the end of game updates on my cell from a friend. Upon hearing of the dropped TD pass...I turned to the girl and said, "Well...there goes the national championship." I then proceeded to drink 17 spiked fruity red drinks during the show...well not really...but maybe it would've made me feel better.

"Good News"
I think I'm the last TT fan site to post this...but Lyle Setencich is gone as the Def Coordinator. While he "officially" resigned...this quote from the LAJ sure makes it sound like Leach initiated the departure:

Tech athletic director Gerald Myers said head coach Mike Leach moved to make the change.
"Mike told me early this morning that he was going to talk to Lyle today about this,’’ Myers said. "Mike did initiate it and felt he needed to talk to Lyle about it, and so that’s what transpired. … I think they just decided that a change needed to be made on defense."

I'm surprised that Leach is willing to pull the trigger mid-season and had resigned myself to watching one of Tech's best passing attacks in recent memory be hampered by a weak defense. Now I'm not saying that changing the DC will create overnight improvement on defense...but early indications are that McNeill is willing to blitz, stunt, and mix up coverages on a regular basis, something that Lyle would never do. If he does that, then the burden will be on the players to step up, be aggressive, and perform on Saturdays. They'll have two "warmup" games against NW la and Iowa State before the Aggots come to town October 13th for their next "statement game" so it will be a few weeks before any real judgements can be made. That doesn't mean we won't try to make them though!

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F the Chi Bears. No offense makes an average defense look like the 1985 Bears or 2002 Ravens.