Thursday, September 6, 2007

Getting ready for Saturday

A few things of note as we get closer to Saturday:

- Ticket sales are up over 48,000 now for Saturday's game according to a lady I talked to in the ticket office this morning.
- The Western LL team that advanced to the US Finals of the Little League World Series will be recognized at the game on Saturday. Not sure if it will be before kickoff or at halftime.
- 40% chance of rain is still in the forecast for Saturday. It can rain during the game...but it better not rain out my 7:30 tee time @ Rawls on Saturday morning!

On a football related note...I tried to go back through the SMU game last night to see how often we called a blitz. Once I reached 14 plays and 0 blitzes...I gave up. Even if we blitzed 10% of the time...that would be infinitely better than what is going on now. When the opposing offense doesn't have to worry about a sure makes their job a lot easier.

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