Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Site Updates

The latest victim (Rice) has been added to the logo. Sorry I haven't even had 5 minutes to stop and write yet. Work and travel has all but consumed my time lately. Hopefully I'll get packed for Vegas tonight and have time to get my thoughts on Okie Lite up for yall. To help pass the time...I've posted my favorite pic (so far) from the Georgia Tech/Boston College game. For anybody that doesn't know the name...Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College...he's going to be a really good QB in the NFL for years to come. Maybe the Bears can pick him up as I bet he falls to late in the 1st round.'s the pic. I still have a few editing things I want to do with it (like straighten it up a bit) but it will work for now. Click on it if you want to see the "condensed" full size version...

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Anonymous said...

As the only Bears fan on this site - I say that WE take the kid from BC. Rex is one injury away from getting let go by the Chi Bears.