Thursday, September 20, 2007

Weekly Picks (Sept 20-23)

I'm quickly turning into the worst blogger ever...that or maybe I just have a bit too much going on right now. I promise that this site will get much better in Ocotober and November as my travel will only be to Tech football games and not to 18 other places like it has been in recent months. Anyways...onto the picks and I'll be writing my Bears/Cows preview on the flight to Vegas today and post it once I can get down to the 1 free wi-fi spot at the Wynn.

Texas ATM +3 (-135) @ Miami - You have got to be kidding me with this spread. The oddsmakers are continuing to leave the Canes as the favorite...and just making it that much more of a negative payout if you bet the Ags. It's not that I'm high on ATM for any particular reason...but Miami has an above average defense and a pathetic offense. Worst case scenario...ATM chokes it up on the road and the weather gets nasty. There is a good chance for some significant amount of rain and that could serve to keep the scoring down. If you wanna bet this game...take the Ags...but more than likely take the under.

Oklahoma (-24) @ Tulsa - Until the BlowU offense stops putting up 50+ points a money is on them. Tulsa is a nice team with a new coach (Todd Graham) who has instilled some confidence in the Golden Hurricanes. However, they haven't yet faced the BlowU defense and their offensive production is going to change. Expect Tulsa to keep this one close for a quarter...maybe until halftime. However, they'll wear down and the Sooner depth will take over.

Texas Tech (-6) @ Oklahoma State - I'm scared to bet this game...but since I'm not writing up a preview I might as well give you my pick. Okie Lite is likely w/o stud RB Savage and the loss of C David Washington is a big blow to the offense. B0bby Reid has gone from being hyped as "The Next VY" to a guy who is too lazy to put in the work needed to win games. The QB position is up in the air but expect to see both Reid and Zac Robinson at times during the game. We know what to expect from Tech...there is a lot of uncertainty from the Pokes. I'll take the certain play and say Tech wins this one in a high-scoring affair. Check the total...and if it's below 70 then take the over!!!

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