Friday, February 29, 2008

The best kind of Friday...

is one that's over before lunch!

Some thoughts on activities in the Dallas proper area in the past 24 hours or so...

- Welcome to Brad Richards. To mi amigos in Tampa...sorry to hear about your loss. Last night, Richards tied a franchise record with 5 assists to lead to the Stars to a 7-4 blowout victory over the hapless Chicago Blackhawks. Hopefully he brings the Stars the much needed spark to get out of the 1st round of the playoffs.

- Avery Johnson is arguably the most hated man in Dallas this morning. Everybody is placing the blame for last night's loss to the Spurs on him. He chose to bench Jason Kidd for the final possession and his answer of, "We wanted our shooters on the floor," just isn't going to cut it. Kidd can hit a big shot...and do everything Avery should want in that situation. He can execute a pick and roll, he can drive the lane and is the best in the business at finding an open man (Dirk or Stack were WIDE open when Jet drove to the hoop) or taking an easy layup if nobody is open.  Instead...we have fans calling for his head.

- John McCain had a rally at Texas Instruments HQ's maybe 2 miles from my house and I had no idea about it. Good thing they didn't shut down 75 and/or 635. That would've ruined my drive home! Obama was in Ft Worth...I think he's finished on Dallas visits. I'd be interested in going to a rally for each just to see the differences in the atmosphere at the events. Better not let word of that get around to my parents.

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