Sunday, February 24, 2008

Danny Amendola at the Combine today

QB, WR, and RB's are up today at the combine.  Danny is WR #1 (sorted by last name) in Group 4 so keep an eye out for him.  So far his numbers are:

4.64 Forty Yard Dash
13 reps @ 185 lbs on the Bench Press

Since I'm at home (instead of on the golf course) today I'll keep an eye on NFL Network to see if Danny gets any TV time and/or commentary.


Anonymous said...

come on danny i think i could put those numbers up. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

It was 13 reps at 225 not 185

Zebbie L. said...

I thought that it was 225 as well and that's what I had initially listed. However, I saw 2 different sites that said that WR's worked out at 185 instead of I came back and changed it. I'll look around some more and see if I can find "official" combine info.