Saturday, February 9, 2008

In somewhat related news...

LSU will open the season vs Appalachian State.  One thing of particular note in the article:

LSU senior associate athletic director Verge Ausberry made the agreement Friday with Appalachian State after failing to persuade Texas Tech to play the season opener in Tiger Stadium.
I had heard rumors that LSU was trying to work out a home and home with Tech where they would come to Lubbock in 2010.  That surprised me because I don't know why LSU ever come to Lubbock...they don't have to.  Also, I'm glad this game didn't happen.  Texas Tech has little to nothing to gain by opening the season vs (and even worse AT) LSU.  Yes there is a nice reward in that Tech would probably move up to between 5-10 in the early polls (they'll likely start somewhere between 10-20 right now)...but the risk just isn't worth it.  Consider that Kansas started the year ranked about 60th (between 44th and 77th depending on the poll)...went 11-1 and made the BCS.  Tech will start somewhere in the Top 20 so they could go 10-2 and either make a BCS game or play in the Cotton Bowl.  There is no need to risk a loss early in a season with this much potential.  Play a good 1-AA in Eastern Washington (65th in final Sagarin Rankings, lost to App St by 3 in the 1-AA playoffs) and ensure that you're undefeated heading into Big 12 play.  With games @ A&M, Kansas, and OU this year...wins are at a premium so why risk giving one up?

Ok...enough for a Saturday afternoon rant.  Gotta clean house and get ready for my baby (translation my first iMac) arriving on Monday!!!

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