Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why I like Knight

Scenario:  late 1st half...Tech up 36-26 vs K-State.  Michael Beasley drives to the basket but is called for a travel.  He disagrees with the call and pushes over Michael Prince (possibly inadvertant).  He is immediately called for a technical foul.  You immediately hear the student section start chanting, "Beasley Sucks!!!"

What does Pat Knight do?  After making sure that everything on the court is OK.  He steps over to the student section with a stern look on his face and tells them to cut it out.  The chant quickly changes to "Raider Power" instead.

I would like to be the first to applaud Coach Knight for his decision.  He handled it in absolutely the right way.  I think most of us will agree that sometimes the Tech students go further than they should...and it can be very embarassing (see "modified" fight song during 4th quarter of Gator Bowl...or any other time Tech scores).  It's about time somebody in a position of authority stood up to the nonsense.  WAY TO GO PAT!!!

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