Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bears fans happy to see Favre retire

In case you've somehow not seen ESPN's non-stop coverage of Brett Favre's retirement...let me break the news to you; Brett Favre has retired from the NFL. While most of us are sad to see him go and have enjoyed watching play...there is one group of fan who has to be thrilled to see him go; the hard luck Chicago Bears fan. I won't try to explain just how much Favre has owned the Bears and Soldier Field during his time in Green Bay. Instead, I'll let the boys of Rumors and Rants break down Favre vs the 21 QB's the Bears have had during Favre's tenure. someone who grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan but was named after a legendary Packers lineman, know that you will be missed:

In related news...Warren Sapp has retired from the NFL. Check out his website, "QB Killa" for more information.

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