Thursday, March 13, 2008

Four Days to Glory...

The Big 12 tournament kicks off today in Kansas City as your #8 seed Texas Tech Red Raiders take on the #9 seed Oklahoma State. Since there hasn't exactly been tons of sunshine for the Raiders in recent weeks outside of the upset of Texas...I thought I'd put together a roadmap for Texas Tech to get to the Big Dance.

Opening Round vs Oklahoma State - Like most opponents, Tech is the smaller team. However, Tech has proven they can beat the Cowboys this year, albeit at home. We know to expect 15-20 from Zeno, Voskuil must get hot and stay hot, and the freshman need to put up 15+ points while shooting better than 40%. Do that...and it's on to the quarterfinals! Texas Tech 72 Oklahoma State 68

Quarterfinals vs Texas - The Longhorns don't strike me as a team out for revenge. Their late season loss didn't keep them from the #1 seed and while it may have lessened their chances for a #1 seed, they're better served with a #2 seed and hopefully a slot in the Houston region opposite Memphis. That gives them a route of Little Rock-Houston-San Antonio to the title. Since they're content with their #2 seed...expect them to come out lazy and for Tech to pull off the upset. Texas will dominate on the boards but they'll rely too much on Augustin and fail to capitalize on their superior front court. Texas Tech 74 Texas 70

Semifinals vs Oklahoma - Normally this would be a revenge game...but the Raiders have bigger fish to fry today. Ezmir has a season high 10 points, 8 boards, and 3 blocks while frustrating Longar Longar into a technical late in the game that allows Voskuil to seal the victory for the Red Raiders. No miracle shot to win it this time for OU. Texas Tech 66 Oklahoma 62

Finals vs Kansas State - The miracle has happened!!! K-State pulls a HUGE shocker in upsetting Kansas in front of a sold out Spirit Center. The Wildcats are so elated though that they don't have anything left in the tank to play the upstart Red Raiders. This one isn't pretty as neither team shoots better than 40% but Tech manages to breakaway in the final 5 minutes to earn their first Big 12 Mens Basketball Championship. Texas Tech 63 Kansas State 54

Ladies and gentleman...your Big 12 Tournament Champs and proud owners of a #11 seed in the NCAA Tournament...

Texas Tech Red Raiders

see...that wasn't that hard. Now check back in 4 days after this happens and watch me pick Tech to make some noise at the Big Dance!!!

(my actual prediction is W vs Okie Lite, L vs Texas, hello NIT and a home game at the USA)

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