Friday, March 7, 2008

Big 12 Helmet Project, South Division

As a follow up to yesterday's post on the Big 12 North Division helmets, I give the helmets of the Big 12 South. Some schools have very few helmet changes while others have made changes every few years since teams started wearing the "modern" design of helmet. One trend that holds is that the 3 big tradition schools (and no A&'re one partial MNC in 1939 doesn't count here) in the conference have the fewest significant helmet changes of any school. OU has 4 different looks (plus the retro game helmet from 2003), Texas also has 4 (plus a 2005 retro, the 100 yrs sticker from 1969, and a 50th anniv Cotton Bowl sticker in 1982), and Nebraska has 6 (excl. the 100 yrs sticker). The teams with arguably the least football success have made the greatest number of helmet changes. Iowa State has 19 different looks (they wore 2 different designs from 83-86 as noted yesterday), Kansas has 18 different designs, and Kansas State has 13 different styles of helmet since the late 1950's.

Without further adieu (and since I want to leave early on Friday)...I give you the helmets of the Big 12 South:

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