Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Art Briles to be named Baylor head coach

DMN's Brian Davis is reporting that Baylor is hiring Art Briles as their football coach. The reason I bring this up is because many people have mentioned that Briles would be interested in the Texas Tech job if it was to become available. However, I don't blame him for taking the certain job here rather than waiting around on something uncertain.

I'm speculating here...but I wouldn't put it past Briles to have contacted Leach to find out where he stands on the UCLA and Arkansas job. Remember that Briles didn't make a decision after meeting with Baylor and instead returned to Houston for a day. Like I said...just speculating.

As a random side note...I mentioned to a friend that Briles is going to Baylor and that I hope Leach doesn't leave because we would've just lost our lead candidate. His response, "We'll get Norm Chow in Lubbock if Leach leaves." Nice thought...but it would never happen...

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