Friday, November 9, 2007

Big 12 Roundtable....from over in the corner

Have some extra time this I decided to answer the questions from this week's Big 12 Roundtable:

1. With only two or three games left, how are you feeling about your season? Disappointed, elated, surprised, a little violated?

Others may disagree, but I'm fairly content with this season. Before the year started, I expected 7-5, hoped for 8-4 (win against Okie Lite or CU), and would have been elated with anything better than that. I remember being excited about the 2008 season before this one even started. The prospect of returning 10 offensive starters (losing Amendola) and the entire OL had me counting down the days until Sept 08. Looking at where we are now...with 7-5 being the worst case scenario, I have to say that I'm content with this season.

2. I have to ask, how do you feel about the (possible) buyout of Fran at Texas A&M?

I'm downright depressed. Yes the Ags had started to slip into mediocrity under the last few years of RC...but Frantastic took it to an entirely new level. Also, that's when the Aggot beatings really jumped up a notch so that was always a plus. Maybe we'll all get lucky and they'll "steal away" Greg Davis from Austin!

3. We’ve picked coaches, players, stadiums and everything else from other teams. Now, we get down to something even more near and dear: mascots. If you could pick another Big 12 mascot other than your own - who would it be and why?

My first thought was Bevo...but that's simply because it's the best mascot in Texas without his very own mustache. However, I would have to go with Ralphie for real animal or Herbie Husker for costume...because there's nothing cooler than playing with a mascot team on NCAA 08 and having nothing but 7 ft tall QB's and WR's!

4. Unexpected Greatness, Unexpected Suckage. Who surprised you this year? Who did you get really excited about, only to be let down? (The first Roundtable asked who was the face of the franchise - do you still feel that way?)

Greatness - Sam Bradford (damn...BlowU found another QB), Kansas offense (about time you guys covered a spread), Mark Mangino in HD (mmm...beefy), Michael Crabtree (absolutely love watching the progress he's making at WR. He's going to be really special by the time he heads to the NFL...even if it is after 2008.), Mizzou defense (glad to see you're finally supporting your O, cant wait to see it on a consistent basis at TT), DC Lyle Setencich leaving Tech (nobody ever thought that Leach would let his close friend and mentor leave during the middle of the season)

Suckage - Callahan vs Franchione (who had their farewell tour begin first???), Jorvorskie Lane (stop making bold predictions, stop thinking you're a feature back, get in shape), Mike Goodson (not really your fault...McGee won't pitch and Fran only calls plays that have you getting the ball horizontally), Graham Harrell (you put up sick stats vs the cupcakes but become easily flustered in the must win games...accept the fact that when you throw it 50 times/game...YOU WILL THROW INT's...learn to bounce back), Okie Lite (what happened to the hype), and Texas' defense w/o Chizik

5. I told you there would be booze. Characterize your team by the beverage of your choice.

Texas Tech is most definitely Johnny Walker Blue Label. We're right there at the bottom rung of the premium ladder but when put up against the best Macallan, Chivas, or Glenfiddich...we always seem to fall flat on our faces. Plus (in true Tech fashion) the Blue Label is just expensive enough to look classy and pretentious...but just affordable enough that you can find yourself forgetting how you arrived at such a drunken stooper only a few pours later.

Lightning Round

- Big 12 Loves - Jamaal Charles, Michael Crabtree, Mike Gundy (etched in youtube history), Chase Daniel, Frantastic (PLEASE come back for another year), Stephen McGee (keep after it buddy), Colt McCoy, Graham Harrell (but only if you grow a pair), Taylor Potts (a Tech fan's best friend) Mike Goodson, Purify from CU, Mark Mangino, Sam Bradford, DeMarco Murray, Kansas, Boone Pickens

- Big 12 Disses - Jorvorskie Lane, Graham Harrell (if you don't grow a pair), BlowU (I'll save it for next week...thanks for covering), Guy Morriss (it was nice knowing ya), Frantastic (I'll hate you for leaving), anybody that hires Frantastic, Greg Davis (because it's easy), any idiot who writes TCEH instead of TECH. Learn to spell...(insert sarcasm/rolled eyes here)

Pick'em (straight up)
Colorado @ ISU - Colorado
Texas A&M @ Mizzou - Mizzou
KState @ Nebraska - KState
TTU @ Texas - Tech (homer pick)
Baylor @ BlowU - BlowU
Kansas @ Okie Lite - Kansas

Pick ‘em (vs spread)
Colorado @ ISU (+4) - ISU is improving...don't care...Colorado 28 ISU 20
Texas A&M (+19) @ Mizzou - Mizzou will be up by 21+ at the half. Mizzou 48 A&M 14
KState @ Nebraska (+7.5) - I shouldn't do this...give me the Huskers. KState 28 Nebraska 24
TTU (+ 7.5) @ Texas - Tech keeps it close long enough but can't stop the run...I'm gonna play homer here. Wait until just before kickoff to take them as the number will keep going up. Texas Tech 41 Texas 38
Baylor (+38) @ BlowU - This one is too easy. Bears losing Big 12 games by 31 and BlowU is better than average. BlowU 55 Baylor 10
Kansas @ Okie Lite (+6) - Kansas' will have to win a shootout...they'll still do it with a late FG but won't cover. Kansas 45 Okie Lite 42.

Rank ‘em
1. Oklahoma
2. Kansas
3. Missouri
4. Texas
5. Texas Tech
6. Colroado
7. Kansas State
8. Oklahoma State
11. Iowa State
12. Baylor

Undeserving of a rank - Nebraska, Texas A&M

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