Friday, November 9, 2007

Ideas for tomorrow...

Since I'm no longer going to Austin...I need to find ways to pass the time while watching the game. I'm working on a list of rules for our drinking game tomorrow. So far these are the leaders in the clubhouse:

1. Every time Texas has a run of 10 or more yards…you drink.
2. Every time Tech drops a catchable ball…you drink.
3. Every time they show Leach with a “what the hell is going on?” look on his face…you drink.
4. Every time they show Mack Brown giving his inspirational clap to a bunch of criminals…you drink.
5. Every time Colt McCoy scrambles for 10 yards…throw something at the wall…and then you drink twice (see Rule 1).
6. Every time Graham Harrell begins to pout, whine, complain, throw his helmet, drink.
7. Every time Graham Harrell throws an drink.
8. Every time Crabtree has a great run after the turn on "Crank That Crabtree"...and you drink.
9. Every time Jamaal Charles is talked about for his speed, track speed, being the fastest guy on the field, drink.
10. Every time the announcers call Tech's O-line "The Great Wall of Lubbock" pray to God that ABC doesn't renew their contract for next season...and you drink twice (those guys need more alochol to reach the same level of intoxication).

Any others I should add to the list???


txhny said...

Simply outstanding.

If Texas wins or loses, I'm probably still going to post wasted, thanks to you.


Oh, and... if you really want to get hammered: Every time the Texas D has a broken tackle. There are three per run, at least. Fortunately, Tech throws the ball more than runs, but I bet there are still plenty.

Zebbie L. said...

I thought about adding in...

Every time that a Tech defender tackles a guy forward for another 3 drink 1 extra time per yard that he added to the to play...but that could REALLY get you messed up!

Zebbie L. said...

Some additions I picked up from another message board...

Everytime McCoy turns the ball over and then fakes a concussion and or goes out of the game as a result of said fake concussion, you have to chug an entire beer.

Everytime Harrell completes a pass to Crabtree ...drink

For every 100yds offense Tech has...chug a beer

Everytime Harrell blatantly burns the Texas secondary for 10yds or more...drink

Everytime somebody posts something about Davis' playcalling or anyone posts "put Chiles in" drink.

Sunshine Scooter said...

Every time Trlica misses a field goal...drink a beer.

Every time a Tech receiver drops a pass that's under 5 yards...drink a beer.

Every time the announcer's talk about McCoy saving a man's life...drink a beer.

Every time Tech gets called for Pass Interference when it obviously isn't...drink a beer.

Every time Texas gets away with Pass Interference when it obviously is...drink a beer.

Every time Texas catches a break on a reviewed play...drink a beer.

Every time ABC airs that Dr. Pepper commercial where the lineman scores a touchdown and does an elaborate endzone dance...drink a beer.

txhny said...

I don't think I have enough beer in my fridge, or booze in my cabinet to play this drinking game.

And friends, that is saying quite a bit.

I'll give it my best shot!

txhny said...

We're totally doing this over here at the Gabriel's Horn house, and let's discuss in the short time the game has been on -- we're already getting tanked.

Hats off to you Zebbie L.