Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mid-week predictions...Gameday to Lubbock???

Driving to work this morning...Mike Greenberg on ESPN's Mike & Mike said something to the effect of "College Gameday presented by Home Depot...this Saturday they will be in Lubbock, Texas as the Texas Tech Red Raiders take on the Oklahoma Sooners."

However...the Monday morning e-mail I received about gameday said that it's in Ann Arbor for Michigan vs Ohio State. Their website this morning still shows the same thing. I'm trying to get confirmation on their location. They send out a follow-up email on Thursday mornings so we'll see if that shows any change. I'll get to the bottom of this...

Here's a prediction from College Football News on this week's game. These guys are never afraid to pick an upset...


Rybu said...

The Gameday Crew with Fowler Corso and Herbstreit will be in Ann Arbor. What mike and mike were talking about was the gameday radio crew.

They need to change the name!

Go Blue for me, Go Red Raiders for you!

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