Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tickets to Texas game for sale

I have 2 tickets that I need to sell for Saturday's game in Austin. I bought them through the TT Athletic Office so they are in a Texas Tech section. The seats are Section 126 Row 20. I also have a parking pass for the Manor Garage. The Manor Garage is right next to the stadium and is the closest possible parking area that one can purchase. Currently this pass is at a ticket office in downtown Austin a few minutes from the stadium. You can pick it up there on Saturday morning or I can have it mailed to you. I believe they said it is $12 for 2nd day or about $16 for overnight.

Please make me an offer if you are interested. I paid $226 for everything originally but am willing to accept less as long as I know that the tickets will be used. Your offer will include both tickets and the parking pass. Thanks for the help!

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a parking pass for an RV for the Oklahoma State game on November 8th, anyone have one that they would like to sell?

Call John 469-438-5726