Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Big 12 is getting screwed

Geez...send a freakin HD camera to a game. I didn't expect both games to get it...but you would think ONE of the games in the state of oklahoma today would've been in HD. Wait nevermind...we're talking about oklahoma. When it comes to tecnological progress, they're slightly behind Lubbock!

Not much needs to be said really about the Tech game today. The offense was efficient and the defense did what was needed to thrash the Bears. Crawford was impressive out of the backfield...especially as a receiver.

I got my AT&T U-Verse service turned on today. So far it's pretty good. They even have Fox SW in HD which was a nice surprise since it's not on their channel list as HD yet. The only downside is that I only get 1 HD stream...which means if I'm recording something in HD that I can't watch anything else in HD until the recording finishes. Oh saves me about $50 vs having Dish Network and then getting internet elsewhere so I'll take it...for now!

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